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Renovation Services

Are you ready to renovate your old house? An extensive refurbishment project isn’t a walk in the park. Generally, it entails gutting your house straight down to the studs and extensively remodeling it into an enjoyable, modern and suitable space for your demands. Therefore, whether you’re looking forward to refurbishing your entire house or just a single room, we’re ready to give you the solutions you’ve been anticipating for.
We’re a full-service renovation contractor in West Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in several aspects of home renovation, from consultation and assisting property owners in remodeling their properties to building modern kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patio and other home additions. If you require a specialized contractor to construct or finish a project on your premises, our skilled team will be able to assist you.


We Focus on Insured Property Damage Repair

Natural disasters, such as storms and hurricanes, can bring overwhelming damages to any property. Your safety is our number one focus, so we’re determined to respond timely to lower damages and limit further damages.
We give the best damage repairs from various sources, like water, fire, mold and structural damages, to name a few. Our proficient remodeling experts are armed with the best equipment to perform restoration work in a fast and reliable manner, on time and budget!


More than Just Makeover

Our company is widely known for its command in facelifts. We pride ourselves on offering inventive designs that thrill our customers. Our proficient experts in architecture and design will work hand-in-hand so that we can guarantee accurate and inventive designs.
If you want your project professionally done, we can assist. We customize our refurbishment services to meet the customers’ needs, which typically entails management, budget & schedule development, as well as responsive remodeling services.
We also believe in visually engaging designs while also taking a proactive approach using sustainable building materials and practices.

Selecting the Best Home Remodelling Contractor

Any company with building know-how can acquire some equipment, get a license and label itself a professional contractor. However, this doesn’t mean that the company has the same standards and quality with regards to the customer experience or craftsmanship they offer.
In addition to being licensed contractors, our team has the skills needed in building management. We’re also extra cautious as we work on your property and undertake every effort to minimize all the stress and hassles as we work on your house. We pay attention to the small details, we listen to your requirements, and we ascertain that you’re wholly satisfied with the final project.

Big Thanks!



We would like to thank the following service providers for their outstanding work on our latest projects;


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